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Baking Life

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Since I fell in love with baking, I have baked a lot of things, such as delicious pizza, fat and cute little bread, ugly sweet cookies, and various moon cakes. Of course, the most done are a variety of cake sponge cakes, chiffon cakes, heavy cheese cakes, light cheese cakes; pastries, and decorating; cake pieces, and cake rolls. Use a variety of molds round, heart-shaped, square; metal, silicone, paper cup; solid bottom, live bottom...

Among all kinds of cakes, I like to make light cheese cakes, which are not as thick as heavy cheese cakes, nor as monotonous as sponge cakes. The light aroma of cheese and lemon, the soft taste and mouth-watering.

But every time I bake this cake, I always leave some regrets, it is difficult to achieve perfection. Sometimes it is not soft enough, sometimes it will be layered, sometimes it will retract.

On that day, I found enough time to make up my mind not to be lazy, to be serious and strictly follow the recipe to see if I could make it perfect.

It was really beautiful when it was just baked, and the heat should be just right. The surface of the cake was light brown, swelled, smooth and full, with a slight glow. After demoulding, it is surrounded by a tantalizing golden yellow, with a corner cut, and the inside is also the same golden color, without layering, even and delicate, like a dense sponge, soft and elastic. When you eat it, it almost melts in your mouth. Is this the perfect light cheesecake in the legend?

Not happy for a few minutes, the problem still follows. The smooth and full surface was wrinkled, like a teenager who was originally Pang Junlang, and in an instant he became a wrinkled old man. It's really "18 at this time, 80 at a time". depressed.

At that time, I was thinking hard, why are there always wrinkles on the surface? Obviously a young body, why is there so much vicissitudes? But it soon became clear, why pursue perfection, perhaps the question should be reversed: even if we have wrinkles one day, we must maintain a young heart and a healthy and strong body.

During the baking process, you will have enough patience and meticulousness, and you will have eager expectations and results that will delight you. Inevitably, there will always be regrets and even frustration. The taste of baking, in addition to the sweetness of success, will also have the bitterness of failure, in fact, this is not the process of life, the taste of life?


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