Don't Follow the BBC Egg Fried Rice,Follow Me!

Don't Follow the BBC Egg Fried Rice,Follow Me!

Posted by Rmarveadise

The British BBC food show filmed an episode of "Egg Fried Rice" teaching content. However, Malaysian Internet celebrities saw the host’s approach but collapsed. Even many Asian netizens were dumbfounded.

This instructional video broke down even many Asian netizens when they saw it, and they left messages: "Every Asian knows that fried rice needs overnight rice", "I will show the video to grandma."

High-end ingredients often only require the simplest cooking methods.

So Follow me to do the best easy and simple and authentic fried rice with egg.

You will never afraid of cooking egg fried rice.

1-Ingredients preparation, cut chives

2-Use a spatula to chop the rice overnight and set aside.

3-Knock the eggs into a bowl, beat the egg liquid and set aside.You can also knock the egg with one hand like a BBC female anchor to be handsome!

4-Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot to heat, and pour in the egg liquid.

5-Turn to low heat and quickly spread until the egg is solidified.

6-Put the rice in, and use the spatula in a vertical direction to quickly chop and fry the rice and eggs evenly.

7-Season with appropriate amount of salt, sprinkle with chopped green onion before serving, and stir-fry evenly.

8-The simple and delicious egg fried rice is here!

1. Overnight rice is the best choice for egg fried rice.
2. The frying method with the spatula upright can make the rice grains looser and not easy to stick together.